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Through intense research, Our Products developed a welding process exclusively designed for maintenance.

During the past 20 years, it has repeatedly been proven that all Maintenance Welding Alloys and Electrodes are not only based on sound scientific principles, but offer numerous advantages over ordinary welding rods. Along with advanced welding alloys.

The savings made each year by industry in using the unique Maintenance Welding Process is inestimable.

waWA Hardfacing Turbular Electrodes

Welding Alloys Group is proud to launch our latest product offering i.e. tubular hardfacing electrodes for the global maintenance and repair industry. Welding Alloys tubular hardfacing electrodes provides the best dollar value per kg for hardfacing applications and offers superior wear resistance compared to conventional extruded hardfacing stick electrodes.
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weldstoneWith more than 50 international affiliated companies IBG has gained over the last 30 years leading positions in the fields of welding, tungsten and ceramic components as well as in the construction chemicals.
Weldstone grew rapidly from a mid size tungsten electrode production company to the market leader in TIG-electrodes and expanded the business scopes to other tungsten related markets such as tungsten heavy metal, tungsten copper and special tungsten alloys.
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gfsInnovative Valves, Smart Solutions

Pressure Regulators, the heart of your system, should operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year in, year out. Go for Gas Flow Solutions REGES PRESSURE REGULATORS.
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